Minimize rather than maximize

Inverting your perspective on a problem gives you a fresh and broad perspective to the situation.


  • Trying to do more things feel more difficult, or is not creating commensurate value for the effort

  • It's difficult to decide on what to choose to do, or assess how to do things "better"


  • Invert the problem - Rather than think of what to do, consider what not to do or what to stop doing instead.

  • Make less mistakes - Rather than how to "do" better (e.g. Get 100 headshots per practice session), consider how to make less mistakes (e.g. Have an accuracy rate of 95%, on headshots in 10 minutes).

Effective Use

  • Optimal use of energy - You trim down the waste in your movements (e.g. Emotional flailing, doing things you need to undo).

  • Safety through minimized risk and harm - You create value for yourself by minimizing the occurrences of things that can hurt you or others. You encounter less dangers.


  • Too much wasted actions - You find yourself doing things that aren't productive or isn't generating your desired results.

  • Fixation on positive action - You stress out about all the things you could do that you don't consider the inefficient things you already do. This misleads or distracts you.


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