Roadmap is all about contextualized learning; more specifically, contextualized learning from play or games.

But what is it exactly?

You can immediately see an example by checking out one of the mental models: Know yourself.


Initially we are targeting people in the software development industry because we believe technologists and engineers are in the best position to create value and space for people. More space, means more people who can play, learn, and grow.

Over time, will position itself towards strengthening its impact on the health sector to pursue stability and safety. As compared to other industries, software engineers gain more resources and inherently have more mobility in moving horizontally (shifting jobs to an adjacent role) or vertically (getting promoted).

With the surplus, the initial market can participate in producing learning and knowledge content in which fellow gamers working in other industries can leverage.


Temporarily, I just copy-pasted the information I wrote down on the private Discord channel which you can join by joining the newsletter. It gives some high level overview of and its plans.

Currently a work in progress: Hi there- this page is an example of doing a shitty job. Sometimes, we just don't have the space to perform at our 100%, and that's perfectly fine.

See: I'm doing it right now!

In any case, the important thing is being able to communicate enough value while respectfully caring for you, my dear readers, and your time.


The pitch is basically: As competitive gamers, the things we learn to optimize in games, can be applied to advance your professional or personal growth.

So fuses together education and technology. I've reflected on this for a few years now - things are just synthesizing and becoming more clear for next steps.

Ultimately, this startup or service is about LEARNING and growing. I love games, and I love learning to play better in games. I do it because I love learning and I want to share the best practices I've experienced in learning and also learn from others as well.

Involvement and Contribution

What kind of involvement can I expect?

Either software development, receiving product directions from me that need to be written down into a document, organizing/managing the project/and or the team.

I kind of want to make the startup/service grow small first- but that doesn't mean that interested parties have zero involvement. Some might be beta users, some might be data collection points.

If you got invited to this channel, this means you are interested in competitive e-sports and also in the tech industry. You are part of the target demographic of this service, and can be part of the alpha users/potential market we'll be collecting data from. 🙂

On the road map, a big portion of what I expect from you guys would be heavy involvement in (2) market research (with incentives), and maybe a few of you guys might be engaged in some contract to work on this project with me.


Things are a bit unclear at this stage...

Yes, it is- I have some thoughts for it already and I do need lots of kinds of help. I can understand if you may or may not be completely onboard yet, especially with the lack of details-

So for now, sit back and relax for a bit- I'll likely collect emails so I can send a newsletter for this product/startup growing.

Road map

Forgive the very rough drafts of my plans- this is just really how things begin.

  1. Detailing the general idea of the product/service

  2. Market research (likely do surveys with you interested participants, who are also similar to the target demographic)

  3. Devise a small prototype

  4. Identify next set of activities, and the roles/teammates we'll need

Currently I am quite busy - but I will have more free time to organize this by July 2022... so that is also why I am checking out interested parties who might wanna work with me here 👀😛


I don't think this is for me- sorry. I'm not interested...

That's okay and that's perfectly fine.

In the Discord community, you are free to just lurk, observe, or leave altogether! Anything that suits you.

Personally, I am practicing a habit of learning OPENLY, which I highly encourage for others to do as well. So if involving yourself in market research and/or the startup may seem intimidating or not your style, know that you are granted the privilege to observe me and the few community members who will be part of the team, as we figure out and study building a startup together. 🙂

Let's go 🤩

This sounds super exciting, I'm super down for you to send me notifications when the ball gets rolling!

Awesome! Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so that I can send you updates once we get more stuff going on with! At the end of the newsletter, you'll get a link to join Discord where you can meet me and a few of my other really lovely set of friends.

I usually host learning sessions there where you're perfectly welcome to just pop in and say hello!

Thank you for your time, friend. I hope we all get to enjoy the things we love.

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