Problems, goals, scenarios

How to read and navigate using the graph visualization

We're currently in the process of building out a visualization so that you can quickly find relevant and useful content on It takes some time to understand how to interpret and use the graph, which we will explain below in more detail.

We understand that people learn in different ways- so we contextualized our content using the following learner mindsets.

Learner mindset

Learners can choose to explore and learn in different ways, and supports the following frames of learning:

  1. Problem-centric - A learner might have encountered a problem that they wish to understand better.

  2. Goal-centric - A learner might have a specific goal they wish to accomplish.

  3. Scenario-centric - A learner might be interested to read up and learn more about situations and scenarios, but not necessarily do something.

  4. Mental model-centric - A learner might be interested to understand how a certain mental model is used and misused.

Given the above different mindsets that a learner explores more information, we present's content in a graph-based perspective.

How to read the graph

The graph is presented through nodes and edges.

  • Nodes - nodes represent a piece of content on like a blog post, an article, a youtube video, or others.

  • Colors - colors of the nodes represent whether the node is a (a) mental model, (b) problem, (c) goal, or (d) scenario.

  • Edges - edges represents a relationship between nodes. For contexts, these might be the occurrence or observance of a mental model in a certain context.

How to navigate the graph

To browse through the content rapidly in, you can:

  • Hover over nodes to emphasize or highlight the relationships that the selected node has.

  • Click a node to view the content based on its external reference.

View the graph

Currently the visualization overview of's content is an unfinished draft. You can view the draft from this visualization, but do expect bugs and issues! We'll post a message on discord and on the newsletter once the visualization is completed!

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