Don't carry rocks

Things feel overwhelming and burdensome.


  • You or other people around you whose opinions matter to you, berate you and put you down.

  • You doubt your capabilities.

  • You remember your past mistakes and you feel overwhelming embarrassment or feel asamed.


  • Accept the truth - If you did make a mistake, face it and own up to it. Acknowledge the truth that you did something wrong.

  • Forgive yourself - If you did make a mistake, acknowledge it and learn from it. Understand exactly why you made the mistake, and make commitments to not make the same mistake.

  • Don't waste energy; focus your attention - Focus your energy and efforts into doing better next time. Don't waste energy on bringing yourself down.

  • Conserve your energy. The journey is far, and you have much to accomplish. Don't waste your time and energy carrying unneeded baggage that will weigh you down.

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